Last night, I was forced to go to a Christian event with my mom; it was hosted by the Robertson siblings from Duck Dynasty.

The audience was comprised of over 1,000 girls and their mothers; it was one of the biggest crowds I had ever seen in a church.

The strangest part? Everyone there looked almost exactly the same.

From my seat on the second floor balcony, I could see that they all had the exact same sense of style: Tight jeans or leggings, lots of mascara, and off the shoulder shirts.

I overheard many of their conversations, and they were all nearly the same.

“Did you hear that Sarah bought…”
“I’m so jealous that…”
“Yeah I hate Mrs.Smith!”
“John Luke is so cute!”
“Are Kylie and Matt dating yet?”
“They’re going to be so jealous!”
“You look so cute tonight!!”

The ironic part?

The theme of the event was “Live Original,” but this was by far the most conformist crowd I had ever been in.

The speakers told everyone to be themselves no matter what other people think, but I doubt they’d be saying the same to someone who was dressed alternatively and wasn’t Christian.

Their idea of authentic is conformity, and their vision of originality is trying too hard to stand out.

My advice?

Really be your own person; don’t subconsciously conform to their rigid ideas of perfection and normality.

Be unconventional. Be unorthodox.

Do whatever the fuck feels right.

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