Dear Taylor Swift fans, Welcome to the world of Ryan Adams

(It’s been waiting for you.)

It’s here! It’s finally here! Squee!

Yesterday, to the fanfare of the interwebs, Ryan Adams released his much teased cover version of Taylor Swift’s collassal pop album, 1989. And she likes it. And I like it. And I hope y’all do, too.

So if you’re now thinking, “hmm, whoever this new kid is, I quite like him…” do I have news for you. You are in luck, TSwift fan. Ryan Adams is one of the most prolific (and I would argue affecting) songwriters of our time, and there is plenty more in his back catalog for you to explore. In fact there is so much, it can seem daunting. Where should one begin? That is why I’ve assembled this handy song-by-song breakdown of Ryan’s version of 1989. Find your favorites from his version of 1989, and then check out the related album or tracks. Oh, and I know you won’t know these lyrics, but give um a good listen. There’s a reason Taylor said, “Ryan’s music helped shape my songwriting. This is surreal and dreamlike.”

If you like Welcome to New York:

Check out: New York, New York, Gonna Make You Love Me, So Alive, and When the Summer Ends

If you like Blank Space:

Check out: My Winding Wheel, and Wonderwall

If you like Style:

Check out: Gimme Something Good (in fact check out the video, it’s almost Ryan’s dark counterpart to Swift’s video), and Feels Like Fire

If you like Out of the Woods:

Check out: Lucky Now, Now That You’re Gone, and If I Am a Stranger

If you like All You Had to Do Was Stay:

Check out: Nuclear, and Let It Ride

If you like Shake it Off:

Check out: Shadowlands, and Please Do Not Let Me Go

If you like I Wish You Would:

Check out: Desire (this one might sound familiar if you’re a fan of The West Wing or House), and Dear Chicago

If you like Bad Blood:

Check out: Fix It, and Wish You Were Here

If you like Wildest Dreams:

Check out: Anybody Want To Take Me Home, This House Is Not For Sale, and really just the whole Love is Hell album

If you like How You Get the Girl:

Check out: Houses on the Hill, Avenues, When the Stars Go Blue, and Off Broadway

If you like This Love:

Check out: Avalanche, and Elizabeth, You Were Born To Play That Part

If you like I Know Places:

Check out: The Sadness (just for that mariachi vibe), Two, and Somehow, Someday

If you like Clean:

Check out: Jacksonville Skyline, and My Hometown

If you like it all, but that’s way too much clicking, I’ve thrown all those tracks into a playlist here. (You’re welcome.)

If you like Harry Styles, check out this babe.

photo by Annie Leibovitz

Ryan Adams fans,

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