Examining the science behind the music

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Music is everywhere. It has become so seamlessly interwoven in our lives that sometimes we don’t even notice its presence. You encounter or interact with music on a daily basis, but have you thought about what it takes to actually write a song? Probably not. In this episode of Wonky and Technical, I’m going to look at a familiar subject from some unfamiliar angles. Join me as I dive into music composition, the neurology of music, and how the technicalities that define both are delightfully strange.

Now you might be thinking: Music has been around forever! …

This article (and audio segment) is about how technical “actual” interior design can be and how the pop-culture vision of the design process skips out on some really cool stuff. Get ready for some surprises.

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Most people look at interior design as classic example of a primarily “creative” career — it’s all about creating a space that looks good, right?

Well, kinda.

Where many raised-on-home-improvement people like myself initially assume that the job of an interior designer is essentially synonymous with the job of an interior decorator (and, let’s be honest, the “interior design personalities” on the internet do a lot to cloud the distinction), the reality is a bit different. …

Welcome to Episode 2 of Wonky and Technical. This time, I sit down with game designer and entrepreneur Heath Robinson to talk about War of Kings, Incantris, and the decisions that went into his game-design process. In this article, I explore tabletop RPG design principles, with a strong focus on the how and why of probability systems.

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You’re a nerd, right? You’ve handled your fair share of d20 dice and spot checks. …


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