Ashes Made Beautiful

When I left to start a new life I began to feel free; free to laugh again, free to love, free to dance and breath.. every day wasn’t like this but they became more frequent and before I knew it I was no longer surviving. I was living, taking in the world around me and falling in love with dreams all over again.

I know it is absolutely possible to fall in love after you’ve been broken down. I refuse to allow anyone to make me jaded just because they are. I’m going to believe in love with all my heart and I’m going to take risks because I’d rather fall in love a million different times, a million different ways than to never experience it at all.

Do not let this world steal your heart and make it hard. Do not allow pain to make you bitter and angry. Do not let cruelty and hate replace kindness and sensitivity. Vulnerability is not a weakness, it requires courage; to open up and allow love in, despite your wounds and scars, that is true strength.

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