Big Fat Lies

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Earlier this year I had full bloodwork done to determine whether or not eating 100g of butter a day for 18 months was in fact an intelligent decision.

Spoiler alert — it was.

100g of grass-fed butter from New Zealand… That’s 83.2g of fat; 54.7g of which is saturated. Of course “100g” is more of an average number. Sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s more…

But it’s also not including fat from all the eggs and red meat that I would eat as well. I would even cook the meat in coconut oil from time to time too!

I would also eat very minimal carbohydrates, receiving over 70% of my energy from fat alone. It took me some time to make the switch from eating predominantly carbs, but once I did, well, I began to feel pretty damn good — and my test results reflected this:

My results revealed near perfect health (my vitamin B12 levels were a little high) and my doctor told me I had “perhaps the best bloodwork” he’d ever seen. Testosterone, vitamins, cholesterol… All in the goldilocks zone.

What’s more is that I remained a stable 80kg (with good abdominal definition) for the entire duration of this test. I would also often eat in excess of 4,500 calories on any given day — and once ate almost 6,000 calories in a day!

How could I do this? More importantly, how could I do this — without dying?

The short answer is “by design.” The long answer is “read Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes.”

The simple fact of the matter here is simply that saturated fat is NOT the enemy, despite the fact that it’s been publicly demonised for the majority of the last century.

I’ll spare you the sciencey mumbo-jumbo and cut to the chase: The story you’ve been fed (no pun intended) for the majority of your life goes something along the lines of “eating fat makes you fat and eating cholesterol clogs up your arteries — both of which result in sickness and death.” Unfortunately for those leading the war against fat, your body is a little smarter than that, and their story simply isn’t true.

The truth is that we as humans have been eating animal fats for eons. Fat from animals was the primary source of fuel, while carbohydrates (such as berries) were scarce. It’s only in the last 10,000 years that agriculture came in and we began to farm and store these tasty carbohydrates in bulk, resulting in a dangerous and progressive, but drastic, shake up of the human diet.

Beyond that, I’d argue that it’s really only once we started to process food, and surround ourselves with synthetic chemicals and drugs that we effectively manufactured disease on a large scale.

Don’t get me wrong, medical advancements like antibiotics are life-saving. They have their place in the world, but it’s when we begin to abuse them that our health takes a dive.

Quick rants on cholesterol and saturated fat. Enjoy the wrath : )

That fact is: we were meant to eat predominantly fat. Clean, good fat. Cholesterol is needed for every cell in the body, as well as for our adrenal and sex glands. Whatever cholesterol you fail to ingest, the liver will strive to make more to balance out the nutritional deficit. The brain is also the most cholesterol-rich organ in the body — by design. If you starve yourself of cholesterol, you’re starving your brain one of the things it needs most!

So, why was I able to eat so much butter and get away with it? Because I did the research. I didn’t just start eating things and hope for the best. I read, I tested, I measured…

Read a couple of books and try it out for yourself, before you simply dismiss it because it too strongly challenges the status quo (I like The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey). Your life may just depend on it.

Be fierce,