Cookie Monster

He smells like a swimming pool. — Villagers

Near a village, lupsagav— hidden sea village, there is a giant, fluffy monster. He used to spend most of his time eating. He loves cookies. Over the years, monster figured out how to make a cookie deal and in return obtain something more valuable.

Nowadays, monster spends most of his time making those deals. Other party in the deal looks mostly careless or unaware of the consequences. The monster is clever enough to take advantage of this.

If you want a cookie, click here. — Cookie Monster

Some countries have laws to regulate the use of cookies; at least for websites targeted at users in their country. But those regulations are not that effective. Cookie monster won’t give up because of those punny-chunny laws.

Click here to get 3 more tasty, yummy cookies. — Cookie Monster’ Apprentice

Cookie monster is not the only threat. There is also a “Blue Monster”. And that one is a really big deal. The next story will be all about how Blue monster launched Mofat Mool attack on the hidden sea village.

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