True Ashley, especially when we are talking about products that don’t cost much or we buy them on a…
Reka Haros

Totally agree Reka, the big brands need to change.

But I fear they won’t.

We live in the world of “too big to fail”, a world where a snazzy new marketing campaign and a promise to do better is good enough. Maybe if everyone stopped buying Volkswagen it would change, but sadly and worst of all the world we live in is one of apathetic, “that’s just the way it is”, “I will stand up… as long as it isn’t inconvenient” and “oh, when does the next new must have toy come out?” …

For every 1 of us that do take that stand there are 1000 more who don’t.

The only thing neccessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

We need a lot more good men and woman willing to do and stand for something before we see the changes we want to see.