I haven’t been writing as much as I use to. But today that changes. Many have asked for books I’d recommend for those working in Customer Success. Well, I’ve decided to share this publicly. Here are my favorite books for Customer Success. The last two books are not exclusive to Customer Success. For example, Deep Work heavily impacts how I function day to day professionally. I highly recommend this book even you are not in Customer Success.

  1. The Trusted Advisor by David H. Maister
  2. Customer Success by Nick Mehta, Dan Steinman, Lincoln Murphy
  3. Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman
  4. Deep Work by Cal Newport
  5. Four Disciplines of Execution by Sean Covey, Chris McChesney, Jim Huling

Empathy is a word that’s quite common in the tech space. But it can mean different things to different people. It can also be applied in different ways.

For example: A customer writes into support and demands that a hot fix be deployed for a problem that is unique to them.

For the customer, empathy could mean that support responds to their inquiry by saying that the hot fix will be deployed later today.

But for the support person writing the response, empathy could mean simply acknowledging the customer’s pain, and then politely telling them that what they want isn’t…

“There’s nothing new under the sun — you just get a can of paint out”

There are a number of reasons why the median tenure for workers age 25 to 34 is 3.2 years. There are a lot of factors that could cause someone to leave a job they once loved. Here are a few:


Lack of inspiration

Desire to do something different



Change in lifestyle

There are many other reasons that aren’t mentioned above, but these are the first that came to my mind. Working in tech opens the door for a lot of opportunity. …

Empathetic listeners are relationship builders.

Understanding how someone feels is one thing, but internalizing that experience and making it your own is another.

Before entering the tech world, I worked in many customer facing roles. I learned the most working as a gate agent for a major airline. I learned firsthand that there is an art to communication. I was hired to work during the most difficult time of the year — summertime.

Storms were prevalent and often caused flight delays that would take days to recover. Each day presented its own unique challenges. I saw passengers yell and threaten…

We’ve already talked about Conveyor’s built-in process, and how it will help your team focus on writing great code. But there are other moments during the development process where teams feel a lot of pain.

With Slack, Trello, Basecamp, Jira, email, and so many other ways to communicate, it’s tough to keep everything in one place. How can Conveyor help you to stay afloat when there’s so much going on?

The pain points

Even teams with a fluid process can struggle with staying on top of things. Last spring, we interviewed team leads from teams of different sizes and workflows. …

Telling people I work in Customer Success usually opens a can of questions.

Non-technical people

“What is that?”

“Customer who?”

Technical people

“Oh, is that like customer support?”

“So you help people over the phone all day?”

“is that a real career?”

The kinds of questions don’t change much. Whether a person has a technical or non technical background, it all leads to the same blank stare.

This blog series will help add perspective to the role of Customer Success. Opinions vary on this subject, and nothing stated here is set in stone.

So what is Customer Success?

To those remotely familiar with the term, Customer Success is Support with a new label. But is that all it is? …

No. Not Dropbox Paper. I mean the real thing.

Working in tech has heightened my digital awareness. Every day I check ProductHunt to view the latest tools. And while I don’t change my toolset a lot, there’s always one that catches my eye every once in a while.

One of the tools I started using this year was Ulysses. I use it for almost all of my writing projects. But lately, I’ve noticed something.

I retain information better when writing with good ole pen and paper. And there are a few articles out there that validate that. This is one of my favorites.

I’ve known this about myself for…

It’s been a while since I’ve written about support. To be fair, I hadn’t felt there was much of a need with so many great articles already in existence.

But I had an experience at a hotel recently that caused me to reflect on what creates a memorable support experience.

There are many of perspectives on this, but the I’ve found that great service is usually made up of these 3 things.


No matter how perfect the product seems to be, problems will arise. This is especially true if you’re working with software. …

Image for post
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If you work on with a distributed team, more than likely, you have a process.

I don’t mean a work process. I’m talking about process that works exclusively for you. If you’re anything like me, there is something you do each day before you begin working. It could be meditating, exercising, or reading a book. This thing that you do prepares your mind for the day to come.

How do you stay motivated when working remote? This is something I’ve been asked a lot. …

Ashley Harpp

Customer Success @twilio. Teacher. Coder. Motivator. Learning things, and teaching people about those things.

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