Not sure chatting with a hobo for ten minutes is necessary to you and your boyfriend’s safety.
Chris Braley

Chris, obviously you did not catch what was being said in her story. And that is okay (not really) because you probably have never been in this situation before. Every day of your life. This actually makes you part of the problem (which is not bad if you recognize it immediately and change the way you think about this topic, but most likely you would want to defend yourself after I point out something is flawed with your reasoning). You don’t realize that you are still victimizing the woman in here. But lets just digress a little. For fun. If a woman did what you suggested, to “quickly” shut off the conversation and move, do you think that a man / multiple men, cornering her — who seemingly just got ignored/shut down/ “disrepected” because his demand for attention was not satisfied — do you tjink those men would just leave the woman alone to her own business? I mean, she didnt ask for anything but to be left alone and they came to disrupt her, taking her right to being alone, away. If you think this might actually work, then you do not understand and you did not actually read through that whole story (at least not with the attention you’re supposed to if you actually cared about this topic). You are not an ally. You are a victimizer.

Did you not read in her writing that after refusing to give what the men wanted they actually moved forward to harass her more physically than verbally? Or the fact that after years of being “silent” and waiting for them to stop they keep getting worse and have more so threatened her life? Do you know what rape is? Because it is REAL to women and it is a possibility in every single day a woman is living. You probably also didnt read that she found that being a small bit compliant can actually save her LIFE. from being hit. Being attacked. Being raped. Being touched any further. It is a DEFENSE MECHANISM build over years of being mistreated, with her rights taken away, her dignity also stripped because these men think it is THEIR right to look, touch and grab whatever they want on a woman — as if she is not more human than them. If you dont realize this or understand this article, do not respond with being exactly what we are talking about is the problem, the ROOT problem. Have a great day knowing that you are ignorant and not very mindful of the terrible experiences half the world’s race is currently suffering from because people like you don’t take 2 minutes out of your day reflect to see whether you might be part of the problem, Chris.

BTW: this is me defending for all the unfortunate women who will have to hear you speak and tell them to be quiet. Cause you’re just that guy, right? Maybe you can be the guy who actually speaks out for the right thing — maybe you’ll recognize this on the street if you paid more closely to how women feel instead of the problems they are supposedly creating by existing. But until then, see you never.