Pfiste Faucets Company

Pfister at a glance

 “Price Pfister” was founded by Emil Price and William Pfister in 1910.
 In 1920 the product line expanded- a variety of plumbing fixtures including bathroom and kitchen faucets, valves and hose nozzles. At that time company launches it’s the best product- “adjustable swing spout”.
 In 1930s, Price Pfister’s another awesome product has been introduced- “Make a Shower” that gives homeowners an easy way to convert their bath into a shower.
 In 1940s the company produced military items including aircraft fittings and hand grenade.
 In 1960 Price Pfister introduced the single control shower handle and stylish translucent-colored handles.
 In 1985 a famous TV advertising campaign “Pfabulous Pfaucet with the Pfunny Name had launched by the company. Later, this memorable tagline became a featured question on the 2008 Jeopardy game show.
 Price Pfister was the first company to offer pull-out faucets in the retail market and the first manufacturer to use ceramic cartridge technology on all of our product lines. Also Price Pfister was the first major manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty which guarantees finish and function for life.
 In 2000 Company were awarded “Best New Product” by Today’s Homeowner magazine for the revolutionary faucet installation system.
 In 2006 World’s first volume control sprayhead has been introduced by this company.
 In 2008 Industry’s firstWallmount tough faucet has been introduced by Price Pfister.
 In 2010 Price Pfister introduced a new and improved drain assembly that takes the hassle out of drain installation without any tools.
 In 2011 Pfister launched levate EXT, the first adjustable height pull-out kitchen faucet (‘Price Pfister’ becomes ‘Pfister’ from 2010)
 In 2012 Pfister’s innovative Universal Tub & Shower Kit gives homeowners an easy way to install a new tub & shower faucet without having to tear down the shower wall.

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