How to Raise Loans for Your Small Business?

Investment Banks | August 25

For any small business, capital is one of the first and foremost necessary things. It is essential for the setup process, and gathering funds is not easy — even for a small-sized venture. Approaching banks and other financial institutions for business loan in Mumbai is the best and time-honored way for obtaining the necessary funds. Here are some important questions to consider for raising loans from investment banking in India companies.

How much loan do you need?

First of all, you have to decide about the amount of loan you need in order to set your business up. You need to consider the working capital as well as the money that you need for contingences. This is a problem, as the absence of enough working capital can make businesses perish before long. Make an accurate estimation, neither underestimating nor overestimating your expenses.

How much can you expect to pay?

If you have to get loan for funding the entire project, you need to make some amount of co-payment. The minimal co-payment varies across industries and lenders. However, you should expect to make minimal 20–30% payment for the project or even more with investment bank in Mumbai.

How much is your credit score?

It is important to check your own credit report and credit score in order to clarify your financial status. Although a 650–680 credit score is high enough, it does not guarantee that a loan will be granted to you. You will need a very high credit score of 700–800 to have your chances of getting a loan approved automatically. You can request any reporting agency to offer you a credit report. You may also use any of the online services for checking your own credit score.

What are the different options?

You need to research about the various options available, and properly weigh them. Consider the different ways to better your loan application. Good credit score, having a partner with plenty of experience, investing more money into you business or introducing a co-signer can be some of the best ways to do this.

Is the loan application package prepared well?

Loan Application Package is the document to be submitted to a bank in order to make a loan application. The document has to comprise of Personal Financial Information, Business Plan, Personal Tax Statements, Business Financial Projections, Business Owners’ Resumes and information about business, sales agreements, location etc. Double check the papers to ensure they are properly arranged, prior to submission.

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