Unanswered Questions

Questions of barely a six years old has startled the mother, who herself had no answer to the questions even though she was forcing the child to accept it as they are, terming it a nature’s choice of life. But ‘why’ in the question remained why.

Story starts.

A six year old toddler was once having an evening walk with her mother, when suddenly she came up with a question which startled the mother.

‘ Mother, why is it that we work in the day and sleep in the night, why isn’t it the other way?’

Mother tried to satisfy her little one but all in vain.

She said, its because we can clearly see things in light and also its the way of nature to function.

To which the toddler asked, ‘Mother we do perform things in night, if day light is much necessary then no work should be done in the night?’

Again the mother said, ‘to work in night we need light, then why to not use the natural one?’

‘ Mother we use light in the day light too?’

And how would life be if things turns upside down?’

Will not everyone look beautiful if things start being done in the night, this darkness will hide all the scar on everybody’s body, no one will look upon anyone bitterly?’ Said the six year old who was suffering from chicken pox.

The mother just couldn’t find the answer.

All she could say was, everyone’s beautiful, irrespective of all the scars their body has.

They reached home but the mother was still searching the answer to the why in the question, ‘Why cannot work be done in the night and sleeping in the day as a natural process??