Samba in Rio

Part of my South American trip took me to Rio to dance samba. Just as tango is rooted in African dance, so is samba. The beats, rhythms and movements are much quicker than tango. As I wrote about tango, I’d like to share the feelings and essence of samba.

This dance can be with a partner or alone, either way, the point is to move your feet and upper body, often separately. The key is to keep moving to the rhythm which felt to me to be off the normal beat, so it was quite challenging but loads of fun!

I was asked to dance while at the club and found myself unable to feel my partner as I was able to in tango, it took a few steps and instruction from my patient partner before I got it. I often felt I was moving my feet to an off beat.

Samba originates in Rio, so being able to dance this in the country of origin was magnificent. Feeling the ancient connection that brought this dance to life.

Drums beat

Feet find the rhythm

quick movement

Arms sway around the body

Hips shake to the

rhythm of the feet

Eyes close to feel the

Drums beat

Dancing on toes

Lighter than air