10 free marketing tools to simplify the life of an entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for free marketing tools, if you run a business then you understand the importance of every amount.

Although mastery and your core competence are crucial for the success of your business, another important aspect is actually marketing your business.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of free marketing tools that can greatly impact the success of your business.

Here are some of the best free marketing tools for entrepreneurs that use and recommend

1. Use Buffer for managing social media

The buffer is a social media management tool that will help you streamline your social publications efforts.

No one today doubts the striking power of social media!

But use a tool like Buffer will help you increase your communities; engage your audience; and build your brand.

The advantage of Buffer is its ability to allow you to connect multiple accounts in a dashboard; organize an agenda; create campaigns in dribs and drabs, customized; and analyze the success of your campaigns.

Free Buffer solution is perfect for new businesses looking to grow their social presence, but to unleash the full power of the software, you can consider one of their improvement plans.

2. Or use Hootsuite to manage social media

Hootsuite really specializes as a central platform for managing social media.

Its free plan lets you synchronize three of your social media profiles, which is a great starting point for most entrepreneurs.

The advantage of Hootsuite is its ability to let you manage all your social media with one table edge easy to use quickly.

3. Build a logo with Spaces

The brand is one of the most critical steps in marketing your business, and the logo is probably the most important part of your brand.

Fortunately, with free tools such as manufacturer logos Spaces , it is worth wasting resources by hiring a designer to interpret your vision of the perfect logo.

With its library, filled with hundreds of icons, frames and font classes, you can create a logo that expresses your brand identity design without any training and without spending money.

4. Use Canva for easy design

The appearance of your business is crucial. Good eye often can significantly improve your sales.

There are several free graphic design tools on the market.

We selected Canva we find more intuitive and easier to use.

Its library provides access to a database gathering, fonts, illustrations, images and templates for free.

Leaflets, brochures, images or computer graphics for social media, you can create all free on Canva.

5. Use Evernote to organize

Regarding the marketing of your business, the organization is essential.

Ideas can come to you at any time of the day. If you are not able to organize and prioritize your notes, you may not be able to take advantage of opportunities.

Evernote will help you capture ideas, inspiration, and trends while storing them in an easily accessible place.

You can access it on your phone, laptop or tablet, making it ideal for its practicality.

So you can keep content ideas, market research, competitive analysis and others at hand.

6. Use SurveyMonkey to secure customer feedback

SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular marketing tools of free online surveys. Surveys are a good way to gather information on consumers, engage customers, uncover trends and get concrete ideas on your business.

SurveyMonkey software is incredibly simple. In minutes, you can design, create and publish your own survey of companies.

In addition, you will be able to analyze the results directly to the back office of the site.

7. Use Mailjet for email marketing

Use emails for marketing is essential to the success of most businesses.

While building a brand on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is important, however, you are limited on these channels.

Including driver consumers of these social networks for your platform (believe us we know something).

Also, the email provides a more intimate interaction between the brand and its consumers by offering marketing tools to effectively manage campaigns and power leads.

Mailjet is a marketing tool for mailing very efficient and easy.

Even if it is paid, the service is a good investment if you want to connect with the community.

8. Use Sniply for growth shares

When using social media regularly, you should also share content with other experts, known in your industry.

Share content with other influencers will help you build trust with your audience, complement your content, and also will help you build a relationship with industry experts concerned .

Sniply is a powerful tool to join a “call to action” on each piece of content you share.

9. Use scraper to extract the contents of web pages

Scraper allows you to easily extract the contents of a Web page and export them into an Excel spreadsheet.

Once you have this data you can use to create the list of emails, content topics, and other marketing tactics-oriented data.

10. Use Rapportive to secure the right information

Rapportive is one of the strongest in terms of free marketing tools.

Good marketing often depends on having the right person in the face. Rapportive allows you to sort your data and find the profiles you need.

The tool connects to your Gmail account and lets you find the email address of almost anyone.

The above list is obviously not exhaustive, although it covers everything from the generation of ideas, the logo design, to email marketing to data visualization.

There are of course plenty of other free marketing tools. Which one you use, just let me know.

Originally published at spotonlinemedia.com on September 23, 2016.