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As a web developer I have developed applications for the web platform for some time now, but was recently faced with a situation where I had to develop for a mobile platform. The android developer on our team was on leave and we were left with the two of us, myself and Ronnel, our IOS developer. Being a web developer my first choice was to go with Cordova or Phonegap considering its ease and earlier experience. So we patched up the app using Polymer and Firebase and put it to test with Phonegap. And as expected, the result wasn’t too…

There are many of cloud based torrent application on which you can download torrent instantly (You can even use IDM with Seedr, just make sure IDM plugin is installed properly in your browser), while other cloud based torrent website have some limitation specially when we talked about private torrent trackers and freebies plan limit.

Here I am going to tell you one of the modern cloud based application for torrent download and that is seedr. is amazing cloud based application, that really suited for your all needs, also they are always introducing new technology future for torrent downloads, and…

Ashiq Muhammed

Co-Founder, Professional UI/UX designer and Web developer

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