Everyone Needs To Know — Rental Apartment/Home Hunting Tips

AshiRo rentals
Jan 18, 2016 · 2 min read
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Are you extensively looking for a better place to rent a new place or you had a ugly experience and wish to move out then below are few tips to make finding a place to live less of a nightmare.

Followings are apartment/home hunting tips that you will wish you knew about sooner.

1. Use your friends and extended network.

2. Compare rent and what is included and not included in the rent.

3. Check your cell phone reception in every room.

4. Test out the shower, flush, gas stove, heating and cooling system.

5. Look inside all of the cupboards, closets, and cabinets.

6. Find pet policy and extra cost.

7. Survey auto insurance rates in the area.

8. Make sure your furniture will fit in the apartment and can easily move through staircase or elevator.

9. Check if utilities (water, electricity, gas etc) are extra or included in the rent. Ask nearby tenants how much it cost to them.

10. Make sure electric outlets, internet and TV cable function.

11. Visit neighbourhood area and noise level at night.

12. Find out if you’ll be living above or below a smoker.

13. Call pizza delivery and ask if they deliver at 11pm. If they don’t, most likely it’s a sketchy neighborhood.

14. Try the work commute.

15. Check available parking spaces in the evening if you own a car.

16. Check address in bedbug registry (www.bedbugregistry.com)

17. Do not forget to look for more options at www.ashiro.ca

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