Holochain: Reinventing Applications
Nicolas Luck

“the experience that constitute our human lives is determined by us, the observer, the subject, more than it is by the object — and this is so in a radical sense. We become the self-fulfilling prophecy of our unreflected beliefs.”

What a wonderful take on the reality of the human experience! And this:

“The Internet’s implicit central use case is telepathy — exchange of thoughts between humans. It is the technological embodiment of culture. And human culture is human-centric, not word- or book- or site- or app-centric.”

It is amazing how the systems (including computer systems) we create are a reflection of our evolving mind.

While I set out to read this article to understand “what is Holochain”, I have come out with us an understanding of “why Holochain”, and I think this understanding is far more enriching.

Thank you.