Hiring at Startups
tarun mehta

This problem has come in forefront just recently and that too post lot of the candidates available in market are looking to exploit the opportunities with start-up by just concentrating on the benefits n offers rather than giving importance to the skills, competencies or role. Problen seems to be with the hiring process we follow as during the initial stages we can very well guess if these candidates we meet are serious enough for the chanllenges this opportunity offers.

Also, start-ups has this very peculear feedback in job market i.e. candidates once hired can be fired anytime with little or notice hence an an organization u have to work on some strong exit policy which should give some confidence to the new hire that in case these comes this unfortunate time when he/she has to be seperated then there is some time as notice and financial security for sometime before they can look for other opportunities.

I think most of the issues u face are very much because of the assumptions people have in market with regard to start-up’s.