Responsive Websites and Its SEO Benefits

Digital media has taken the world by storm and with that it has added itself so cleverly as an asset to the fast paced life that we are living in. When everything that we need today is to be quick and reliable, so how websites could have been spared from it? People are much more comfortable browsing through their phones and tablets. This gave way to responsive websites; as such web designs are flexible enough to be viewed on screens of all sizes and devises of all kinds.

Basically, responsive websites shrinks or enlarges itself according to the medium you are using like a laptop, smart phone, tablet etc. So how does responsive websites help with the SEO of the website? The key strategy that Digital Marketers use in building traffic on the website is by using a responsive design as it has perks that makes this job quick and easy. If you want to help gain maximum traffic then you must hire a Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh, they are not only affordable but are well equipped in getting the job done. SEO, both on-site and off-site is the determining factor of your website’s success. So, it is inescapable that whether your website is for branding, promoting and marketing or for non-commercial usage, if you want to build traffic, you will need an SEO expert to make your vision possible.

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Things to be careful while making a responsive website:

Creating Versions: Many a times it is seen that the url for mobile is different from the url of desktop version of the same website. This causes generation of duplicate contents for the same pages. You should understand that the Google crawlers or any search engine that would try to crawl your website would not consider those pages differently and because same kind of content will be crawled twice, it will not only affect your website ranking but also increase chances of wrongly cached pages. That means you may update a page on your server but as you are using two versions, one may get updated while the other maybe slow. So don’t create versions, modify your website in such a way that it is mobile-friendly and is responsive to other medias and devices. That will help you get more page views and less bounce rates.

Optimization for Mobile: For mobile optimization of your website, the key point that should always take care of is the fast loading of the website when clicked. The faster the page would show, the better it would be as the user will have an easy browsing experience and wouldn’t have to wait for every little category that the user would search. So, the speed is what you have to focus on at all times. Here you will need expertise as only the technical people can promise a smooth functioning of your website and SEO Company in Chandigarh are brilliant at their jobs. They have all the answers to your queries and works in accordance with your needs and on top of it are affordable.

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How Responsive Websites benefit SEO?

“Mobile-friendly” Index: Google this year i.e. 2018 had several times emphasised and has said that websites should be mobile friendly in order to get maximum traffic on your website. The reason being that according to the statistics shown about 60 percent of people are browsing through mobile and tablets. So if your website is customised accordingly, then users would be able to browse the content without hassles. It also means that if your website is responsive there is a fair chance for Google crawlers to keep coming back for registering more content and would help in better search results that would incur more traffic on your website.

Bounce Rates: responsive websites greatly helps in reducing bounce rates. Obviously, there are other factors involved to this like the quality of your content, speed of your page to download, light weight website etc. Apart from the basic factors, the websites which are responsive have shown that they perform better than the desktop versions and are a boon when it comes to improving the SEO of your website. This means that you will be left with a wonderful working user friendly site with consistent traffic. That is the aim of every website owner especially when it comes to marketing a product online.

Social media sharing: SMO is an important component of SEO. It stands for Social Media Optimisation. When a website is created, efforts are done to promote the website on social networking websites. This helps in popularising your product as well as lure people to come to your website; a perfect marketing strategy. What we have observed over the years is that, responsive websites helped in easy sharing of the content on social media platforms like facebook, google+, instagram, twitter etc. So, if the user finds anything interesting, one can share, tag, post the content anywhere the user likes, this not only helps in increasing traffic but also creates a fan-base that you could keep track of and keep working for bringing more of such relevant products. This is a clever way that a digital marketing expert can better aware you of.

Website Ranking: It is obvious that whether you make a responsive website or not, your website can still be opened on mobiles and other devices. The problem is that without it being mobile-friendly, your website will not function the way it should which will lead to bad user experience and also means that as 60 percent users are browsing through their phones and tabs, your website will have poor traffic and page rank eventually. So, if you want to improve website ranking you should definitely make a responsive website without a doubt.

It is always wise if you step up and accept the change. You should be flexible enough to keep yourself updated according to the present needs that demands knowledge, patience, time and experimentation. You should keep exploring and check what’s trending so that you can optimise your website that would fit according to the prevalent needs.