TVF Pitchers, The Silicon Valley of India

This is my first blog post in which I compare the Silicon Valley with TVF Pitchers.I have tried to keep this spoiler free. So go and watch the two TV shows Silicon valley and The Pitchers or just read along!

Silicon Valley start-ups like Apple, HP etc, which start in some garages and end up being in the Fortune 500. TVF Pitchers, shows that a start-up can be founded in a apartment also, breaking the myths of western culture(just joking!). Silicon Valley(TV Show)is a hilarious take on the entrepreneurial culture of the Silicon Valley(place). How they develop a revolutionary algorithm that can compress any huge file to less than 25% of its original size. How they are approached by the “angel investors”, how they struggle to make their product successful while some other IT giants are trying to make a replica of it.

Silicon Valley focuses on the Geeky Stuff more, and highlights some real challenges faced by the college-dropout-dudes-who-want-to-be-a-billionaire

Silicon Valley Season 1

TVF Pitchers, revolves around the comedy of gathering a perfect team and the challenges that are faced by the youth in the Indian Society. The start-up enthusiasts leave the hefty package jobs to kick start their career as Entrepreneurs, when they have a family to look after. One season has passed by, they have got the seed funding, still we don’t know what is their million dollar idea. The Pitchers is a rather smart copy Silicon Valley that caters to the needs of the Indian audience. This presents them with the challenges faced by the entrepreneurs.

TVF Pitchers

There is alot of similarity between the characters too.

The CEO of the Company

Richard and Naveen are almost same. They have good leadership qualities and a will to never GIVE UP!

The Management Guys

Mandal and Jared are both little bit cute, little bit extra stupid but they both are equally adorable.They are not fully acknowledged by the their team mates.


The All-Knowing Abusing People

Yogi and Erlich are quite similar.They are both very supportive of their “ CEO’s ” no matter what fix they are in. They are the people who know how to talk, when to talk and who to talk. They have their own share of experiences with the competitive world.


The Techies

Gilfoyle and Jeetu are alot similar. They care for the company but also look for their backup. They are the guys who actually code the idea.

And last but not the least

The Cool Hackers

Dungeon_master and The Carver are funny. They can hack anything but ultimately they fuck up everything. Dungeon_master steals their business idea whereas The Carver fucks up their business idea. In spite of that all, they are cool_dude_hackers.

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked this one. I shall be coming with an article on a new idea next week. Till then cheers!