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Flutter Forum: https://flutterforum.co

Flutter Forum is a dedicated platform for the flutter community to come together and collaborate and share content and information related to Flutter.

We all know that flutter has really started taking off. We just concluded with the first-ever #Hack19 International Flutter Hackathon. More than 70 hubs from all around the world participated in it. It would be unfair to say that flutter has not generated enough buzz around it. The expectation was around a dozen hubs participating from around the world but that turned out to be a different story altogether.

Aviabird Team also participated in the hackathon. We ended up building a forum for Flutter. Using discourse, we were able to release the platform in less than an hour on the domain flutterforum.co. Feel free to check it out and any questions if you have any. …


Ashish Singh

Sky is the Limit

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