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Flutter Forum:

Flutter Forum is a dedicated platform for the flutter community to come together and collaborate and share content and information related to Flutter.

We all know that flutter has really started taking off. We just concluded with the first-ever . More than 70 hubs from all around…

First ever flutter workshop in Pune

organised the first flutter workshop in Pune on 27th April. It was attended by more than 45 developers.

We are thrilled by the response we got. All the groups were able to build a full flutter application which they themselves built with the help of the workshop. It was a hands-on coding workshop.

Feedback from Attendees

We received pretty awesome feedback from the attendees. With 13 attendees rating it 5-star experience.

A list of top 10 awesome open source applications built with Flutter

top 10 open source flutter apps

Open source projects are always a nice way to learn any framework. I started searching for such awesome projects to learn flutter. Though I have come across many open source Flutter applications. I am compiling a list of…

Aviacommerce is an open source e-commerce platform in Elixir, Angular

is an open source e-commerce platform in Elixir. We at have been working on it for last 9 months. This platform has all the core features which any basic e-commerce system should have. Developers can start exploring the project with the help from documentation .

Vision for Aviacommerce

Introducing payments library for Elixir/Phoenix Framework.

We are thrilled to announce our latest open-source contribution, Gringotts: a payments library in Elixir & Phoenix framework.

We have been working with Elixir for quite some time now and in most of the projects that we have done in past we needed integrations…

A comprehensive list of 10 awesome applications built with Elixir/Phoenix web framework.

I have come across some lists on open source Elixir/Phoenix application but most of the times those lists contain libraries built for Elixir. I think that’s not a very good fit for the list I am trying to curate here.

Open sourcing E-Commerce front-end application in Angular

UPDATE: AngularSpree is now a part of platform, It now integrates with aviacommerce by default.

Demo links are available .

At Aviabird Technologies we have been following Angular version 2.x+ for a long time now.

We got really excited about it…

Platform for developers to rate and discuss about Angular projects.

This is our story how we launched a platform for developers to rate and discuss about open source angular projects.

We at Aviabird have been working/open-sourcing with Angular (2.x+) for more than an year now.

We have released and…

This is a comprehensive guide to latest version of Angular in a series of posts.

All the articles in this series are listed here.

  • Getting started with Angular .
  • Components in Depth .
  • Reactive Forms in Depth Part 1 .
  • Reactive Forms in Depth Part 2 (coming soon).
  • and many more to follow.

How we got more business than we could handle by doing Open Source

Primary aim of this blog post is to highlight an important fact which is you can generate so much business by doing just Open Source. It’s our story and it could be yours too, just don’t be selfish and open source your code, please!!!

Disclaimer: When I say we know…

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