Amazing Multichannel UX for Food

Home alone, I wanted to order some food this Sunday.

Saw a pamphlet tucked at my door step, and decided to give it a try…what followed was an amazing multichannel user experience!

1. Saw a advt. hand bill

2. Called the number: No pickup

3. Got SMS from IVR GURU saying that we missed your call, will call back

4. Person called up, took order

5. Payment mode Paytm or debit card at door step

6. Got SMS: Thanks for Ordering from Kebabee. Here is your eBill of Rs.524 For Detail Please Click

It’s powered by:

I wish, others large firms like Pizza Hut and Dominos follow this startup’s lead.

PS: Yummy! The food arrived on time and was tasty.

The Food Tasted Yummy! also came in environmentally friendly packing.
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