Yet another article on mobile app development cost

What is needed to showcase your business on the platform like the Internet? A Website or a Mobile Application or maybe both. The current marketing trend says that providing services within an application running on a mobile device is the easiest way to interact with your customers. All across the globe the portability factor of smartphones has been the reason of the masses using smartphones and tablets. The IT sector in India and across the globe has been providing such services to the small businesses who come across this requirement. With several vendors providing the same type of service in the IT market, it leaves the client in a difficult situation to choose the best deal to get his web app or mobile app development. With a mobility stepping into the market Mobile App Development is the key feature for small business to kick in. For such clients choosing the right developer which can provide the application development and its features in an affordable cost. Plus the developer that can provide transparency in the development cost with respect to the features available in the application. The flexibility to choose the features to be added to an application will also let the client choose the pricing and investment for the application. The basic idea clients have in mind is a generalized application, it is the development company who will guide and walk-through the client with various features that can be added to the application and which may affect the final cost of the application development and the time taken by the developers to develop the product. The average cost of developing a mobile application can range from $15,000 to $1,00,000 depending upon the features you chose. Within which the features that would be made available is unknown and they say that it comes with the basic features. What are these basic features? Ever thought? It can be as basic as push notifications, user logins or maybe just displaying content on the pages of an application. So called basic features may include a small size of storage space at the beginning on the web server, but who knows when this available storage is running out and you may have to request more in the middle of everything. So make a right decision while choosing a developer for your business’ mobile platform. Building the mobile and investing in the cost involved depends upon the platform you choose for your application. Mainly there are two major platform available Android and iOS. The cost for both the platforms varies accordingly. The factor which may increase/decrease the budget would be type of application you are requesting the developer to develop. The basic categories of developing an application with the approximate cost involved is as follows:

· Basic application costs you $15K-25K depending upon how much input you can give the developer with respect to the design aspect of the application.

· Application involving full CMS, external integration, chat and shopping carts may cost you $60,000 INR to $1,00,000 and this is most costly category of the application development. Still, you can cut down cost of hiring your own dedicated UI development team that will specifically work on the design part of the application.

At last what involves the yearly cost is the maintenance and support for the application. As the application has to be updated regularly with the minor glitches coming with time. So you need a support team which helps you to release the stable updates for the application. The Application development is divided into front-end development and backend-end developer, you can choose to divide the work among different parties, but it’s rather great to go for one vendor who can give you a complete package.

To conclude, I would suggest to use this app cost calculator to know the indicative price of development of your mobile app.