How to Get Cheap Flight Bookings

Paying for your flights could be one of the most important and most expensive aspects of your travel. With the summer already here, if you are stuck making last minute bookings, you can imagine what the prices would be like. Since the summer months are the most popular ones, most people make their online domestic flight booking months in advance.

For this reason, to make your summers as fun and thrilling as they should be, here are 10 tips for booking domestic flight tickets online for cheap:

1. Keep a secret — When you are booking domestic flight tickets always ensure that you do it in Incognito Mode. This is a setting that you can make in your browser. It allows your search to be devoid of any cookies. Most flight ticket booking portals will track your cookies and search history. This will show that the destination is in demand and automatically the price will increase. If you search in incognito mode, then the websites cannot track your search and the price will remain.

2. Search Strategically — When you are searching for domestic flights online, sometimes referring to the common popular search engines may not be the most economical solution. Either you look into multi-purpose search engines, which allow you to compare prices all in one spot. Or you refer to the Airline’s website directly. If you have a preferred airline, then you can log into their website automatically to see the flights available.

3. Cheapest Day — Around the dates of your travel, while in incognito mode, search for the cheapest day to travel. This could be a weekend like a Wednesday which is the middle of the week or a Monday. Depending on which day works out to be the most cost efficient, you can make your flight ticket booking.

4. Befriend Airplanes — If you travel a lot, you might as well befriend your preferred airline. By this we mean, follow your airline on various social media channels. Twitter is one prominent place where such airlines will be active. This helps as you can be among the few to know about special timely offers. This gives you an upperhand while booking domestic flights online.

5. Use Reward Points — If you are a frequent traveller, you should subscribe to the traveller benefits. Most airlines have memberships, which will make you privy to a multitude of benefits. You can collect miles which you can redeem them on flights. You can collect certain reward points which you can redeem on your flights booking to get cheaper prices. You can do the same on your credit cards. Most credit card companies offer you benefits for maintaining a good credit score.

Having looked at these 5 tips to book cheaper flights, you can now save a tonne of money. Travel light not just in terms of your baggage but also light on your pocket!