Well, the last decade played vital role in Cybersecurity. The events like wanna cry, spectre, meltdown, dirty cow and many more were proved as an eye opener for the organisations which took cyber security lightly. So many data breaches and hacks took place and badly impacted the organisations revenue as well as respect. These so called hacks led and opened the door for complicates like GDPR, FedRamp, SOC2, PCI DSS to make sure the standards are in place to protect the data very well-be it organisational or customers’.

The other huge transformation was Cloud computing. With the likes of AWS…

In a recent blog post, Google announced that it is going to make third party cookies obsolete. Call it- an advisory, alert or warning or whatever you want, but google has made its intentions clear and going to scrap third party cookies to strengthen the privacy of web users. Privacy has become pivotal element for every organisation and how can google run behind in that race especially when it’s a company of data nuclear. …

The Confession (Image Credit: 500 days of summer)

Oh dear what kind of irony was it
I saw you and smiled slowly
I was supposed to ignore you and leave
but I never knew that the kid was in love

It was time for the confession
but wait O dear lord,
How to tell, When to tell and What to tell
Mind was clueless and the heart was bursting

I whispered, “Is she the One?”
The heart replied quickly “Yes boy, She is the one!
Go tell her and make her your perfect symphony
Yes yes yes, she is the one- your love!”

It was time for the…

In 2013, Cryptolocker ransomware came into the light and set the world of cyber security on fire. It was recognized as the modern age ransomware. Later on, more lethal and more dangerous ransomware followed Cryptolocker and raised some serious questions to organizations’ security. The best part of these ransomware attacks was the awareness. The world became more aware about cyber security and there was universal agreement made that security is the essential ingredient now a days to protect the organizations data and assets.

In the recent years, there are so many ransomware identified which shook the world and the impact…

One more security incident was reported recently. This time the victim was popular code hosting site- GitHub. GitHub was hit down with massive record-breaking DDoS attack which has crossed all the past numbers of attack intensity. The attack was peaked at record 1.35 Tbps-126.9 million packets per second if we believe the numbers. This was 51000 times more than the actual request serving capacity of the site. Woah! The number describes the intensity of the attack.

Usually the botnet- a group of infected system is used to carry out the successful DDoS attacks. There is one leader/attacker which controls all…

Time flies and we can’t do much about that fact but all we can do is make that time worthy. So here comes the question “Are we leaving worthy life?” Answer to that question lies within you. It is necessary to have a clear picture of life and success in your mind because until and unless you don’t know what you are looking for or what you expect from life, it is always going to be misery. Sometimes you don’t know what you want from life, what you want to do in life and how perfect a life can be…

Ashish Chhatani

Security Enthusiast, Founder & Editor @ The Inse Journal, Writer and human with vulnerabilities.

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