The Story of an Adobe XD Plugin for Adobe Solutions Consultants Using AEM Assets and a Quick Start Guide to React Plugins

Journey Plugin Architecture Diagram

Editor’s Note: Ashish Gupta is a Senior Developer (Global SOE – SV Core Tech) who has been working at Adobe for six years. He is currently developing a plugin using Adobe XD and AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) and wants to share his experience using XD plugin APIs with React.

We love XD plugins! Here are just a few of our articles about getting started with XD plugins, whether you’re a beginner or a senior developer: Beginners can check out Do It Yourself XD Plugin(s) for Beginners Part One and Part Two, or Spinning Up Your First Adobe XD Plugin. …

In the software development lifecycle, testing plays a vital role with respect to quality assurance and quality control of any project. Automated testing saves a lot of time when building and releasing different versions of a project.

It becomes a tedious task for a QA team to do manual testing after each iteration for same functionality repeatedly. In this post, I will share a few tips and tricks to writing test cases for different testing scenarios.

Specifically, let’s look at writing automated test cases for an AEM-based project. There are different modules in AEM: the core bundle, which includes OSGI…

Ashish Kumar Gupta

Senior developer in Adobe and have around 10 years of IT experience , expertise on Adobe Marketing cloud solutions.ReactJS|Java|AEM|

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