What if ?!

The most powerful two words I have encountered so far in my life. Just think about it, whenever these word comes into a scenario, a blog, a dialogue, a movie, real life etc. they force you to use your brains and create situations which you might not have thought of would be possible in normal life !!

What if the big bang never would have happened ?”

What if the asteroid which hit the earth and killed all the dinosaurs would have missed our planet by some inches ?”

“What if the world comes to end in some minutes while you are reading this ?”

What if ISIS takes over the world ?”

“What if you hit your lifetime opportunity ?”

What if the people surrounding you suddenly disappear ?”

What if Pokemon Go wouldn’t have come at all ?”

This is just the start of the power of “What if”

What if changes the outcome of events in a very extreme way. We wouldn’t be existing if some what if scenarios would/wouldn’t have happened (check first two what if’s)

The moment you thought of what if, things change around you. You feel you want to do more, your mind start racing towards lot of things, lot of situations, and you feel different. I came across the below what if unexpectedly while reading a blog about realising your dreams:

You don’t want to wake up in 10 years and think to yourself, “What if I had just gone after my dreams during those 2–3 hours after work when I was younger?”

What if can cause you regrets, it can force you to run towards your dreams/ambitions, it can give you alternate solutions to lot of things, it can show how the world would have been different under scenarios. What if has a very great impact because the words followed by what if most of the time are very impactful which changes everything you have or going to encounter so far.

It changes you, the people around you, the places around you and the situations as well. I have not found any two words which can change all the things like “What if”. The situations created by what if might be weird, absurd, hypothetical but it can open your brains, might force you to have a different look at whatever you do. It can motivate you or frighten you. It can help you in chasing your dreams or to let you die. It will always be extreme with what if and that’s where the fun lies.

Our past, our future is an impact of some what if’s which makes these two words more interesting. Most/all people are living their lives on the basis of some what if scenarios. All the success, failures, fun, sorrow, love, hate exist on some kind of what if scenarios. All the curiosity, discoveries, explorations are surrounded by one hope “What if” ?!

What if drives innovation, what if scenarios bring good stuff in our lives. The more you think about what if the more you can feel the power of it.

What if I wouldn’t have written this post ?”

What if you never would have encountered this post ?”

What if there was no moon ?”

What if the night would never end ?”

What if all the plants and trees just disappear all of a sudden ?”

What if you could make the changes you wanted ?”

What if can be a regret, it can be your dream, it can create revolutions, it can change the world, it can change you, it can change the people surrounding you. Who knows ? That’s the power of what if !!

Great thinkers aggressively pursue “What if?!” Do you ? !!