Life After MBA — The Story of a Digital Marketer

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On family get-together when my cousins who are mostly engineers and doctors proudly talk about their hectic jobs with hefty pay, my relatives often turn to me asking what I do for a living. I must say the moment I say that I am a digital marketer never fails to bring that priceless expression on their face. You must know that hailing from a small town in India, the things that have already found die-hard fans and followers in the rest of the world and yet, meeting people with raised brow questioning the very existence of such things is not uncommon. Initially, when I started it off in 2010, the condition was even worse. After 7 years of struggle, people at least recognize the term digital now. Thanks to Mr. Modi for that!

Becoming a software engineer and being at par with my rich and qualified cousins was my primary goal 15 years back. But unable to fetch a seat with neither wit nor money, landed me to a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) degree. They said a BCA followed by an MBA looks great on resume and that sounded like a good idea. The two extra years did not bother me at all.

The reality hit home when I could not get hold of a campus placement and instead, had to go around uploading my resume in job portals and spending long hours in walk-in recruitment drives.

The first milestone in my life was when I was offered to create a web page for a friend. He was into blogging, advertising, digital marketing and other such initiatives that sounded foolish and a complete waste of time to me at that time. However, learning more about it got me interested. He was right when he had said that, “It’s addictive”.

I devoured almost everything that I could get grab on the internet. But the knowledge was not enough. No one was ready to hire me with the certificates I earned after diligently completing the online courses. That was the most difficult period of my life because I also had to convince my parents that I was doing something worthwhile and they would not have to feed me for an entire lifetime.

I was not someone who easily gave up. So, I began working as a assistant digital marketer for free. I needed hands-on experience then and I did not mind investing my time on that. After toiling for six months, a small-sized agency specializing in SEO and SEM believed in my potential and decided to hire me. From that agency, I shifted to various startups whenever I found a better opportunity. Do note that opportunity for me was never monetary, it was always based on the knowledge I could gather and the exposure I could get.

The greatest advantage on my end while climbing the ladder of career were my inherent communication and analytical skills. Multi-tasking during college days also proved to be quite beneficial because over the years of practice, it has become as natural and easy as breathing to me.

Ranging from SEO, SEM to display advertising, email marketing and social media marketing, I was fortunate enough to try my hands on everything over the past 7 years. The data nerd in me began loving the job of analyzing data and optimizing strategies to promote the overall business growth. Google Analytics, MajesticSEO, Trello, Hootsuite and several other tools helped me in carrying out my day-to-day job quite smoothly and efficiently.

A typical day of my work life begins with a hot cup of coffee and reading emails. After quickly responding to the ones that need urgent replies, I categorize the rest and squeeze them into my to-do list. That is followed by a quick catch-up with the team which involves discussing the tasks for the day. Continuing with the daily tasks, I always devote an hour post-lunch to have a quick glance on the breaking news of the industry, keeping my social media pages updated and connecting to professionals on my network. Though this might appear as a post-lunch break to you, I must reinforce that networking and keeping yourself updated are two key principles for succeeding as a digital marketer. With recent shifts in global trends, it is of paramount importance to constantly upgrade yourself and keep a track of the whereabouts of those around you. After marking the check-box for this activity, I proceed with analyzing the reports of ongoing optimisation tests, looking for valuable insights and measuring the performance. Depending on that, we plan the upcoming schedule for the team for that and the following days. After a series of meetings with stakeholders, I head homewards and once again return to my blogs and social media pages.

The decisions that you take can, indeed, change your life. In my case, devoting my entire self to what I loved in spite of the constant rebuke of my parents and negativity that emerged from the eyes of almost everyone I had met, was the best decision ever. I am passionate about the digital world and I love how it continues to evolve providing me a new challenge, a new battle to fight every day. Besides, my work demands me to broaden my network and that has provided me avenues to not only build strong relationships but also to learn from the like-minded professionals around me. The only thing that saddens me is that many firms are still lagging on matching the pace with digital trends, thereby, being unaware of the business growth that it can provide to them. Therefore, in my humble ways, I continue to blog on the effective ways of this sector of marketing and how it could generate revenues in unimaginable ways. I hope I can reach out to small-scale industries and entrepreneurs and help them to keep progressing and build a better business.


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