Why You Need To Stop Hesitating and Take Risk

Ashish Malviya
4 min readMay 20, 2017


A lot of people has become so satisfied with their current state of life, not because they are so much comfortable and fulfilled, they actually wanted more from life, but not willing to take the risk, why?. FEAR, fear is not real, it exists only in our thoughts, it’s just a figment of our imagination, only those who risk going far in life can only possibly find out how far someone can go in life.

I guarantee that you’re going to incur a lot of failures, pain, and disappointment in the process of working on your dream and taking risks, but in the end, it’s going to be worth it.

You are literarily committing spiritual suicide the moment you become so comfortable with your present state, the moment you stop wanting more out of life, the moment you stop taking risks. You keep taking risk irrespective of the number of times you might have screwed up, the more risks you take, the closer you are to fulfilling your dreams.

When someone tells you it’s not possible, it cannot be done, do not fucking listen to them, it’s only a reflection of how limited they are in their thinking. The world if full of possibilities, stop hesitating, stop thinking about failure, failure is part of success, no one knows what you are capable of or what is possible for you.

If you are not willing to take risks you cannot grow, if you cannot grow you cannot become your best and if you cannot become your best you cannot be happy.

In your whole life, there will never be a perfect time to do something great, stop procreating about things that could launch your life into a new dimension, the only thing you should be committed to right now is bettering your life.

Start saying yes -

to your dreams and be willing to take so much risk in the process. A lot of people who have made it in life today are fucking right takers.

The likes of barrack Obama, as at that time he contested for the presidency, there was zero chances of a black man becoming the president of the United States of America. President Obama broke the odd, not only he was president for a single term, he was also rated as one of the most successful presidents in the history of the United States of America.

The Bill gate of our time, Steve jobs and the infamous mark Zuckerburg of Facebook are perfect examples of high-risk takers. This guy’s took the risk of becoming something greater in life by dropping out of college to pursue their dreams.

Now here is the question, what if they had not taken that risk then? What will have become of their life today? Maybe the best they might have ended up becoming is a university professor or nerd programmer working for some dumb ass company somewhere in Silicon Valley. If they can do it, you can do it

You have this opportunity of a lifetime, it will mean absolutely nothing if you don’t take advantage of it and take risks in the process. When you die, leave no dream or opportunity left behind. It’s time to start saying yes to your unfolding future.

Just remember you have some dumb ass motherfuckers to prove wrong, take that risk of becoming something better in life today or else you might be so depressed later in life by the mockery from haters for not taking that risk.

Do not give up when you lose in the process of taking risks. You lose only because you are still in the process of learning. You cannot become something great in life overnight. Life will always have a special kind of meaning to risk takers who succeed.

It’s your time, get up now!

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