Silent Emotions

Since I am a Hindu and I don’t have any Muslim and Christian friend, I never got a change to visit any graveyard, and I never had a curiosity to go to any place like it. But, when Will asked me to accompany him to visit his mother’s grave I could not say ‘no’ to him, after all he was my boss.

When we reached at the gate of graveyard, I got sensations all over my body. Before it I had seen graveyard only in movies and tv serials. After walking some distance we finally reached will’s mother’s grave. That grave seemed to me like the same I had seen on movies or tv serials. We both bowed down and offered flowers on the grave. After having one sided conversation for 3 minutes, will stood and gestured me to go. While we were coming back I saw a dog sitting near a grave, that dog seemed very thin as if he had not eaten for a while or he is not well. Though I am not an animal lover much, I decided to feed that dog, so I went outside brought some brad and milk. I found a bowl near that place. I poured milk and put some pieces of brad in it. Will was watching all this from a distance, he waited for 4 to 5 minutes before saying that he had to go and he would meet me tomorrow. That dog did not eat the food which I offered him. His strange behavior made me wonder about why he is not eating food. I thought that he might not be well therefore he has lost his appetite. So I decided to take him to the doctor when I put a neck band on his neck he started barking on me. So I brought doctor over there instead of taking him to the doctor. But he did not allow doctor to examine himself, which made me even more curious about that is the reason for his strange behavior.

Suddenly, I thought this dog might have some connection with this grave along with that he was sitting. So I decided to enquire about the person who was buried in that grave. After searching for hours I finally found the house of a family member of the person who was buried in that grave.

The house was a kacha house. The roof was made of steel sheet and walls were also not in good condition. I entered into the house. There was an old lady sitting on the chair. I asked her about the grave and the dead person. She said that dead person was her son who died in the road accident. I also told her about the dog who was sitting along with the grave. After listening about that dog that old lady started running, tears were rolling down from her eyes. I tried to stop her but she did not listen and kept running, I also followed her. After running for 5 to 10 minutes she reached the same graveyard. She rushed to her dead son’s grave and hugged that dog, she was crying. After watching that old lady, dog also started crying. I was watching them and wandering and becoming curious to know what is the matter. After some time when they both were done with crying. I asked that old lady about the matter. She said, “ this is my son’s grave, my son and Sheru, dog’s name, were good friend why were more than friends to each other they both would eat together, sleep together, play together and when my son would go to work Sheru would also accompany him. After my son’s death Sheru was missing I tried to find him but I didn’t find him. I don’t have any one to live with, but now I have a reason to live and that reason is Sheru.

That old lady offered him brad and milk in a bowl and he ate it. I was standing near them. Though I usually don’t cry, I even did not cry on my grandfather’s death but after watching and listening all this, I don’t know what happened to me, tears started coming down from eyes and I CRYIED.

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