Information can have an immense impact on a person’s thinking and decision-making. It can help us to judge things from a different perspective. Moreover, it can help us do shopping online and offline.
I will discuss the information’s impact on us at the time of buying and how it will stop us from buying a product.

Well, a lot of things impact us on how we relate to a product that we might are going to buy. It might be the quality of the product. When we go to the market to buy a product. We try to take a quality check or something like asking about the information regarding it. Quality symbols, the material it is made of. If these things are not up to a certain level, we might end up not buying them.

Moreover, discounts provided by other competitors might pull the customers away. I want to discuss how ended up getting the product from another shop. Last summer, We got school projects to do. Therefore, I went shopping desired material and got stuck on a specific thing like a Bold marker. The shopkeeper was charging way more than the MRP. So, I went to another shop to buy it.
News regarding a product can make us go rebelling against the product.

A few months before I heard that Maggi contains certain chemicals which are dangerous for the body and so I took a resolution to never consume it.
Information can impact us and our way of thinking. As I stated above how the quality of products, news, and discounts can stop us from buying products. In my opinion, these can have effects but you should be aware and choose wisely.



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