Productivity is bullshit!!

Damn fucking straight! I went on a quest to find out who invented the concept of productivity. Firstly, it’s so difficult to find genuine answers through the google search because all the shitty websites like Forbes, Economist and companies like Autodesk put their shitty ass ads and pay Google bitch to be listed in the top ranks.

I have wasted hard earned dollars on these publications. From my experience, there is nothing like productivity except what you’ve been told by media/schools/workplaces/the public.

It is ridiculous on how everything that we do is measured somehow in terms of how productive the process is to maximize utilitu/benefit. In order words how much shit can you get done in lets say an hour or a day or week or month or year.

Does everything need to be measured or analyzed? Won or lost? Early or late? Happy or sad?

What if we followed nature and just fucking did whatever had to be done and did not worry about the start, middle, or finish.

So the formula for productivity (atleast in business textbooks i think) = efficiency + effectiveness. The problem is that both of these are subjective and not objective.

What if none of this mattered? It doesn’t!

The concept of productivity has a flaw. It cannot be well defined and thus defeats its own purpose.

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