HPB- High performance block chain (Scaling solution)

What is HPB? ( High performance Block chain)

HPB (High performance block chain) nicknamed as “Chinese EOS” is a project which is trying to solve one of the important problem called “SCALING” with the use of block chain and specialized hardware acceleration to handle more than 1 million transactions per second.

How are they exactly going to solve the problem?

According to the whitepaper and Technical paper they are going to build specialized hardware units called BOE (Blockchain offload engine) which plays the fundamental role in accelerating the transaction speeds which will exceed a million transactions per second.

What are the Types of nodes that will exist in HPB?

There will be two types of nodes

  1. HP node -High performance node which will be responsible for the Block generation and synchronization. (61 HP nodes after node extension)
  2. Candidate node- For forwarding the transactions. (239 Candidate nodes after nodes extension)

After 1 year of Mainnet launch the expected number of BOE units is 455.

What factors decide to hold a HP node and Candidate node?

The first batch of the BOE units will be given out for free by HPB but for owning a BOE hardware, elections will take place where the Number of HPB, Passing the software test is mandatory. Only the top 200 candidates (In order of ranking) will be distributed with the BOE hardware units.

After the BOE hardware units are given out,

Through a continuously running algorithm HP node generation will be taking place every 10 minutes maintaining the high transaction speeds. Other factors like BOE hardware, Number of HPB held, Network bandwidth, Upload speed, Current status will be considered for HP node generation.

The BOE node elections will take place every 3 months and BOE will be distributed to top 50 candidates who don’t own a BOE according the amount of HPB held.

Who are the partners of HPB?

HPB has partnerships with the following projects and companies

  1. NEO (The Chinese Etherium)
  2. Unionpay
  3. CPCchain
  4. Banyan network
  5. Exchanges like Okex, Kucoin, Bit-z, Bibox.
  6. Oasis labs

I guess that a quite impressive list especially the partnership with NEO and Unionpay which handles 80% of Chinese banking transactions.

Whats the road map of HPB?

As per their website the Road map looks interesting where Mainnet is planned to launch on Q2 2018 but as per the latest news they will be launching the Main net on August 31 2018. Also the implementation of the Industry solution plan looks interesting where one can expect more partnerships to come in.

How good are core members and Advisors of the HPB team?

I would HPB has got a All star team with Xiaoming Wang (Founder and CEO) who has got a good market experience working with Shanghai Zhaoxi Network and Unipay smart. Also the Cofounders Jinxin Li, Li Xu and Shanlin Lou have got decent market experience.

We can also see top notch Advisors like Mr Zongru wan, Kai long Jicheng chen, Xiao fei and others.

With all the questions answered I would definitely say if HPB sticks to the Original Roadmap and achieves all of those then we could expect a very nice growth and usability of this project in near future.

Additional information about the project can be found on their Official website.

P.S: This article is not an Investment advice. The views here are personal.