In this present world

I am all alone….

I have to share,

my joys and dreams,

also, not to forget,

my deep sorrows,

with myself,

Since, I am all alone….

Someone will help me,

somebody will care me,

in this happening of day dreaming,

I am all alone….

I rarely enjoys, the youthful winter,

the superb season summer,

and also the romantic rain,

because I am living in the pain,

Do you know why?

Since I am all alone….

I created I destroyed, my feelings,

and other lot of good things,

I make them to make once,

but, I am not the fortunate enough,

as the things went gone,

and helpless, I stood all alone….

One day, I will die,

nobody will be with me,

to travel that journey,

and people will say,

who was that person?

but my soul in the sky.

will speak to them,

but they can not hear,

because I am not near,

I am far away in the sky,

and this will make me realize,

you know what and why??

People came alone,

make relationships,

they live and they die,

and i am also one of them,

Since I am all alone….

I am all alone….

Am all alone….

All alone….


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