If my life was a canvas, I would wish to paint it with all your colours. The dreams you cherish, the soul you possess, the faith you hold, the love you bestow and the scars you possess. I don’t just want a glimpse of those colourful rainbows which you make everyone see, but even the scars camouflaged deep inside your soul. I know you are afraid, aren’t you?

I have seen those eyes, those dark brown eyes of yours. So deep, so soulful, I wish to dive in those realms of you. Maybe I’m in love with you or maybe not. Maybe I just found something more scenic than that or maybe I’m still too afraid to call it love. But still I want to live you, feel those beats of you. every colour you possess is a prestige to my canvas. Believe me, my canvas has longed for it, longed for you. Love is a such a small word to give to someone , so I bestow you with my canvas. Fill it, fill it with your colours. Colour me, complete me.