International day of Happiness. 💕💖

International day of Happiness.

My kinda day. #internationaldayofhappiness

♥ Happiness is reading a newly bought book.

♥ Happiness is listening to your latest favorite song the 10th time in a row.

♥ Happiness is seeing the miles add up after 52 cycling Rides @ 625Km

♥ Happiness is binge watching House MD for the nth time. For. N > 10

♥ Happiness is playing UNO with didi .

♥ Happiness is driving at traffic-less Delhi roads at 3AM, back from airport ✈

♥ Happiness is writing on the first page of your new journal ✏

♥ Happiness is a lot of things. But Primarily. It's your state of mind. #happinessisachoice #happinessishere.

Listen to : Happy by Pharrell Williams.

A great song to sum it up. And even to dance too.

Also. Happens to be. #WorldPoetryDay. Guess I checked that one too.