Wish to be successful? Here is what you can learn from Amish!

Amish Tripathi

Amish Tripathi is an Indian writer known for the Shiva Trilogy and the Rama Chandra Series. I am a huge fan of these books and I keenly follow his activities on social media. I often listen to his magnificent speeches and read his insightful newspaper columns.

I believe there is a lot to be learned from this man. Here is the list of five most important virtues that lead to his success:

Adaptability to Change

Change in our lives is inevitable, yet we dread it. As we grow older, it becomes even more difficult to modify our habits and beliefs in response to a change.

Amish was an atheist and a banker for almost a decade. Now he is an avid Shiva worshiper and a mythological fiction writer.

The first step towards adaptation is to realize that what we are doing now will not be the best thing to do for the rest of our lives.

He was open to other philosophies even when he practiced atheism. So, when he came across the one which he liked better than the current one, he replaced it!

Strong Belief in Himself

We wish to accomplish a lot in life but we stay in our little cocoons. We wait in order to gain some more experience and then pursue our goals. We have a phobia of going all in.

Amish didn’t write a single piece of fiction before his first book, not even a short story. Also, he didn’t enjoy an identity of a writer, not even online. Still he started writing the book. Imagine the number of times he must have felt like ‘Why I am doing this? Will anyone even read this?’ 
But the belief he had in himself encouraged him to continue working on his first novel.

Confidence about his Choices

If we take an intersection of all the good qualities of successful people, we will surely get confidence as one of the common traits.

Amish went to the publishers after he completed writing his first book. In his own words:
‘If you get 11 publishers in a room, you will get 12 opinions. But in my case there was a rare unanimity. All of them declined the proposal stating that this book will not work in the market!’

Some of them agreed to publish on a condition that the book must be less philosophical. Anyone would have yielded at such a moment, but not Amish. He wished to keep his work original even if no one reads it and even if the book doesn’t get published.

Now, most people read his books because they wish to have a dose of his unique philosophy!

Satisfaction with the Craft

Even if we start working on our dream project along with our 9–5 jobs, the fear of not making it big eats us alive. Some of us hem and haw about our goals and eventually give up.

Amish started writing his second book even before his first book was released. Moreover, it was not even accepted by anyone in the publishing industry. There was a possibility that the first book will stay at his home and only his family would read it, still he continued writing the second book because he enjoyed the process!

That should be the stimulant that urges us to work, rather than the rosy picture of success we carry in our minds!


Most of us feel that we don’t have the luxury to quit our jobs right away and pursue our dreams. Some of us entirely lose the hope because of this roadblock.

Amish didn’t leave his job till the time his royalty cheques rose higher than his income cheques. He continued working in the insurance sector. It took him a few years to complete his first book which he wrote during everyday commute to office and back.

He was responsible for his family and was pragmatic enough to realize that he had to pay the bills! But he didn’t give up on his ambition!

If Amish can do this much, then what is stopping us?

Thanks for reading :)

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