Roles don’t define you..You define roles

As an actor for over 26 years of my career, my roles in 11 languages have ranged between fascinating and euphoric opportunities at one end of the spectrum to predictable and stereotypical at the other.

So why did I do the roles which belonged to the category of latter?

Well, because phenomenal roles are offered once in a while! Whereas food needs to be on the table each day, thrice a day and I love to buy my single Malts too.

To cut a long story short, as cocky as this street smart reason may sound, each role that we dislike, reduces our participation and sits as a burden with us making our life dull, boring and unfulfilled.

And that’s precisely what I chose to impact. I didn’t let roles define me ,rather I chose to define my roles. So even when I was doing the predictable and typecast roles, I would ensure to bring some variation to it.

This could happen only when I chose a mindset of giving my best.

‘Each role that I play shall be rendered with utmost belief and to the best of my talent’ is the thought I lived by. ‘I will not wait for great roles to come my way before I gave my best, rather each role shall get the best Ashish Vidyarthi’

As I applied this mindset, I was stunned at discovering nuances far beyond the predictable and then, I would devise methods to further push the envelope ingeneously, within the parameters offered.

I found myself smiling and happy with the role and giving my best whilst creating value much beyond what I, initially, or others thought was possible.

This is a practice I apply in each area of my life.

When we choose to have the mindset of defining the roles combined with our creativity and uniqueness than merely being defined by its existing definition, those same roles become fulfilling and gratifying. This mindset and mindful practice of doing our best leads to the satisfaction of each day and every day ,well lived.

What say my friend? Share what’s available to you , when you choose to go beyond existing definitions and choose to define in your unique way…Your present role and your life.