Who will get to drink the Bisleri water?

As one began one’s journey as an actor away from the security, love and caring of home.. The working world introduced the concept of status.

Status on the film set was first noticed/rubbed in, by who got to “drink bottled water”.

As funny as it may seem to you now.. The jostle was to get the status in the eyes of the production ‘boy’, such that the “Bisleri” was offered to you as you asked for water.

Not getting Bisleri was a problem which trampled on ego and self worth and over the years has resulted in many an altercation for many of us actors.

Bisleri was the first status symbol that i saw was close, yet so far..

Remember the satisfaction when at last they offered me one, when I asked for water.. But wasn’t overtly satisfied.. For by then the next symbol of status, having one’s own personal assistant, who would offer me that bottle of mineral water, had come into the cross wire of professional climb….

As you would have noticed.. The feeling of assuaging our self worth hasn’t diminished.. Nor the feeling experiencing being small, till the symbol is achieved.. All that has changed are the symbols..

The quest of these symbols are tiring, mentally and financially.. For now it’s the latest ‘Audi’ one wants to be seen getting out of rather than the 6 year old Innova we drive.

I have saved a lot of money and anguish thanks to my wife Pilu.. Many a times after a day at work when I have seen enough symbols being driven in and talked about… As I broach acquiring them, with her.. Her deadpan look and often a, “Let’s call an Uber, sit at Love and latte and have a coffee and chat “.. That coffee does have a sobering effect and later that evening after a few laughs.. we end up ordering for some greens for dinner from Swiggy.. Helps my weight and the Audi gets dropped, as also that penthouse idea someone has beautifully sold to me..

Status is a symbol, we pay for, for..with moolah and peace of mind..

A formula that works for us is a step down living.. I have learnt from some very dear friends.. To live a step down from what we can afford.. This allows us to enjoy the fruits of our work.. Cherish what we have, Yet not strain ourselves to match up with other’s expectations.

What’s your take on status? How freeing or challenging is it to buck the trend, being grateful for what we have and choose your unique way of living… Do share..

Alshukran Bandhu.. Alshukran Zindagi!