The X Factor

Amidst the multitudes… That which creates a standout, is the factor called, X..

That X is a unique… Unique and original for each of us… Though most of the times, it stays dormant..

Dormant, since we ourselves have ignored it and therefore never considered nurturing it… But Why?

For most of us, recognition of the unique happens, when someone else recognizes it in us, and presences it for us, with their acknowledgement.

As we progress in life, just as we have less time to devote to ourselves, being caught up in day to day transactions.. The people around us too have that much less time to dwell on others and acknowledge, beyond the transactional.

So the X in each, for it’s not of any overt use in day to existence, so stays ignored… And most of the time, completely disappears from existence..

Remember one prime thing……

So discover the X factor for yourself.. Gift a life of fulfillment to yourself.. And others..

Here’s an invite.. Do an interview with a few people very close and dear to you.. Let them be from a cross section of your world’s.. Work, Home, friends..

Ask them, “what is it that you see in me, which you find unique…”

It will take a bit of stepping out of your “Self conscious constraints”.. May even seem embarrassing… But trust me, as you engage in a conversation like this, in which you also share with your friend, what you find special and unique in her /him/them… Many unique revelations await both of you..

The X will show up as you cross reference their feedback, with what resonates with you..

Nurture that, which you have known, but have failed to acknowledge.

Remember, the X factor isn’t defined, but experienced..

But when it flows from us in our concerted actions, it defines us.. Defines our unique life.

Your X is awaiting to be celebrated by you..

So, whom are you calling for the interviews?

Do share what you discover..

Alshukran Bandhu.. Alshukran Zindagi!