What do you do while waiting ?

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What do you do while waiting ?

Would you want Opportunity to find a Rejuvenated, Excited, and a Sparkling you, at the other end of the wait ? Then read on…

Each of us have periods of wait in our life.

Waiting for a bus, train, phone, mail, an appointment , an opportunity, or that important deal…

And whatever be the duration of the wait… Invariably those waits, make us feel feel lethargic, inactive, worried, concerned and irritable….

It’s primarily because, we aren’t doing anything important, during the wait…for we are just waiting for the real thing to happen.

Our brain obeys us…it takes a cue from our wait…so is’nt engaged right now…it’s waiting to engage with that…. That which is at the other end of the wait.

Now this wait could stretch from a minute ,as the image buffers when broadband on WIFI seems 2g , or could be the 45 mins, when the client is late… Or it could be the couple of days as we await that important email or call which we were expecting the day before..

Could well be a wait for a couple of months when the results of a application or a pitch is being held up for reasons, beyond us..

The wait could also be one which has been going on for years…..

For Years…as we wait to get that right opportunity to fulfill our ambition , our dreams and finally show our worth and get our due..

I ,like each of you, has been there…And continue to be there..At different times.

Going through many waits ,for many different things in my life.. And frankly, I haven’t been at a great place during these waits.

So I started looking at ways to disrupt it.. And not be left exasperated and dis-empowered during the waits..

And I found an interesting game.. The game called.. IN BETWEEN.

It has allowed me to actually look at how it will be, if I do something worth my while,IN BETWEEN …While I am supposedly waiting.

In fact, to do something entirely different from what I am supposed to be waiting for..

As i began playing the IN BETWEEN game fully… I began to be rewarded by a truly fulfilling wait…

So restless me, reaches out and takes some refreshing glugs of water which I don’t drink as much as I should, whenever I get a minute..IN BETWEEN A half hour wait in between a shot or a meeting, is a great opportunity for me to call a friend and ask him ,Kaisa hai Bhai?.. And have a refreshing conversation.

Taking the mind completely away from the irritation of the wait.. IN BETWEEN..

When the wait stretches for days,I have found it to be a great space in time, to take on some interesting learning… one of those online programs I keep signing up for..and do a deep dive in it and have conversations about it with my peers..

IN BETWEEN keeps me gainfully occupied and I have something to show up for myself for the days of wait.

But when the wait as we see it, could last some months and maybe years..Is’nt that where we find our greatest challenge?

Each time I have seen a long stretch of wait ahead of me…I have hunted out something challenging to engage in, something to break my existing mould, something completely new, fresh…something i have’nt done ever before..Stuff i never imagined i could…

And while playing this game of IN BETWEEN… I have reinvented myself, many times over ..

From a theatre Actor ,to an Actor in Hindi films, to one who also acts in 11 languages ,who also engages in leadership conversations with organizations, also writes, blogs, photographs, travels..

So a whole new me, has been my gift to me and my loved ones.. And that new me has been created IN BETWEEN… during my waits.

So the invite is.. How about surprising the late comer, called opportunity…at the other end of the wait.

Let that Opportunity find a Rejuvenated, Excited, and a Sparkling you.. Ready to make the most of it..

For you were gainfully engaged, during the wait…


Alshukran Bandhu…Alshukran Zindagi !!!