Ride on 2606

Actually, the ride starts at 9:00 pm on the previous day, when the ride is booked through the famous office traveling app “shuttle”.
It is my first job so I have to commute through cheaper and through the comfortable ride and then I found this app. It is cheap because of the availability of passes but the problem is that the route for which pass is purchased is not capricious.
On my way, I get to see the old man on a signal, begging for food. The first time, I didn’t pay any attention, but after that when I started to encounter him every day, I started feeling sad.
For one time meal, how a person has to sell his self-esteem and ask for food. On that particular moment, I decided to do something extraordinary in my life so that I can help many ordinary people in their suffering, even to those, who are in their later years of life.
Next day I brought biscuits with myself to feed the man, but he wasn’t there this time.
So, the purpose of life should be to become a helping hand.

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