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This piece struck a chord with me bc I’m just back from a trip East. We live nowhere near an NBA franchise, so we try to squeeze in a game when we travel. My son and I got the pleasure of taking in the 76ers’ first win of the season over the Pacers last Friday. I took a splurge and got 2nd row seats, where we could hear coaches shouting directions, players contesting fouls, and refs givin’ it back to them, in addition to having a real-body perspective on the ridiculous athleticism of these freaks of nature. We sat right in front of some diehard Philly fans with choice things to say to the players and the refs. My son got to witness some top-shelf heckling, of both the home and away players. Al Jefferson took a head-fake from Embid and grazed him on the arm during a shot, and immediately pleaded his case to the nearest ref, to the howls of delight of our Philly fanatics, who immediately began chanting, “You bit, Al, you bit.” Even Al had to smile. My son then used that line about 6 different times in the game, testing it out, along with a few innovations of his own (During Paul George’s FT, “Do you miss Roy and Lance?”). Very good times, priceless memories.

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