I let my intuition roam wild and free. This is what happened.

Am I a photographer? I ask myself

A part of me says ‘ Hmm..well..maybe yes’.

Instantly , the whole of me vehemently says ‘ NO!’

Maybe because I lack an understanding of most of the fundamental principles of photography. And I still don’t talk camera.

But none of that mattered when I spent a good few months of my life taking pictures that I never would have imagined to be mine. One of them was selected in Nat Geo’s Daily Dozen. Two by the BBC. (The bragging rights come free.)

However, my best pictures are the ones that surprised me the most. The ones that I had no intention of taking but were born anyway.

After all , I ventured into the world of photography on a similar note. I had that camera all the while with me for a year and a half but and I had never used it much.

One foggy November morning , a voice within me said, ‘Go out NOW with your camera .’

I obeyed.

‘Go to the park.’, it said again.

I obeyed .

‘Don’t click now’.

So I didn’t.

‘NOW!’, said the voice.

I obeyed again.

I went back home a couple of hours later ,neck deep in love with photography. Just like that. The voice had vanished temporarily.

Today, I use color pencils and crayons at work. I work on user flow diagrams and I craft designs.

Just like that.

(It is another story. But a similar one.)