When my gut talks, I better listen ( and stop the car)

Sometimes the loudest sound I hear will be the voice of my gut screaming at the top of its voice. And often, that is the very sound I chose to ignore .

If an apple is rotten, my mind says, ‘Don’t eat it.’ in plain English. But if I’ve taken the wrong turn at the road and keep riding down it, I only get an uneasy feeling. And I say, ‘Did we just take the wrong turn? Nooo…I’m probably imagining it.’

I carry on. In the wrong way.

The To-Do

I better stop the car and set my direction right. No matter what , I need to stop the car.

The Hypothesis

I guess the mind has the ability to process more information that it seems to us. Just that it uses gut feeling or intuition to communicate the results rather than English or Malayalam.

And the lesson

My gut is my friend. It exists.

And it is way too important to be ignored. Period.