I developed type 2 diabetes while in the Army on active duty.
Michael Parker

Agreed with you and nodded along until your last sentence: “If you are driving a car nicer than mine but the government needs to subsidize…” That’s the same argument that a lot of people use against people getting food stamps, unemployment benefits, and other public assistance.

“Oh, she’s got an iPhone, she obviously doesn’t need food stamps.”

“Wow, he’s got a nice suit and tie going into this interview. Why’s he applying for unemployment?”

For many in these situations, it is a sudden need. For many others, whatever they’re displaying that they “shouldn’t have” is a gift from someone better off. Maybe her iPhone is on her best friend’s account, and is her only source of internet and phone. Maybe his suit is the only one he has without holes or wear.

Think before you judge based on possessions, please.

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