Learning by Doing: Cloning

An exercise in copying, trial and error.

This story is part of a series of assignments from my Ironhack User Experience Design Bootcamp coursework.

Copying is something that I struggle with. Having a drive to be unique in most everything I do, it is something I have have difficulty to perform psychologically. However, when it comes to design, the real challenge is finding accuracy in the unknown process.

For this assignment, I was given an image of two screens to clone allowing for some minor variations. The elements of my own choice could include: background images, user images, icons, and typography.

The original screens I was given to clone

From the first impression, this appeared to be a fairly challenging assignment. But getting into it, its easy to realise that once everything is broken down into their components, these screens are really just a series of layered shapes with fancy additions. Figuring out the processes while keeping my elements properly named and grouped was actually quite fun. As Sketch is still quite new, it felt more like an exploration than an assignment. The issue that took me the most time to work out, was getting my two background images to have a similar colour scheme. Although they were both beach scenes, working with the high contrast and light was not easy.

My cloned screens with my Florida twist