my first entry | I’m only 23.

for my first post, let me update y’all on my life.

I work in a juvenile justice facility, I am pursuing my MSW at the University of Michigan, I just moved back with my mother, I’m single with no kids, and I’m 23.

Now, for many people this sounds ideal. It’s like “yassss girl you on your shit” but in reality I fee like I’m in a mid-life crisis. No, my life isn’t in shambles but the pressure I’ve applied isn’t evident in where I’m at in life. I feel like I should be doing more and further than where I am but… here I am.

There is also a ton of pressure from others, especially on the topic of settling down. Even though I joke about “thotting and bopping” all the time, the reality is I am single. As fuck. No boo, no friend with benefits, nothing. But that’s a topic I’ll discuss in a future post.

At 23 (soon to be 24 as of February) I thought I would be further in life. I thought I would be in my career, living in my dream house, vacationing all the time, waking up to the man of my dreams, and talking of expanding my family. HA!

I just keep reminding myself. I’m only 23. I have time to travel. And build a career. And [maybe] get married. And [for sure] have kids. I’m sure there are plenty of 40-something’s who wish their life was as lit as mine when they were 23.

So just a message to the 20-something’s who are entirely to hard on themselves: you’re great. You are exactly where you are supposed to be in life. Let your hair down, don’t get caught up in bullshit, make memories, fall in love, travel the world, and live baby… LIVE!