Starting JavaScript.

I have to be honest this week in bootcamp was pretty boring. I was pumped because we were starting JavaScript but until yesterday we didn’t go past the most basic parts. We learned about things like data types, variables, and operators. I did a lot of studying before I started the bootcamp so I knew about all of those things.

Even after saying that though I am still glad I did a lot of studying beforehand because I don’t ever want to be the person holding up the class on variables or operators. So if you’re going to a coding bootcamp DO YOUR PRE-WORK!

On another note, yesterday we got into loops! I knew what they were and how to use them but the problems our TA gave us were great. We went around the room and had to go up to the front to type out what we thought the answer was to each problem. She of course gave me a hard one so I had no idea what I was doing but I learned a lot as we were all working through it.

Also, our teacher gave us an optional homework assignment that is rough but I love it! It is a logical problem that you would have done in grade school but you have to do it with code. He gave us the answer to the problem but we have to connect all the data types with logical statements in order to solve the puzzle. So far I have modeled the data and logical statements from the puzzle now I just need to connect them(the hard part).

I think next week is going to start getting intense and I can’t wait! I don’t think I will have time to say I was bored again but that is fine with me.