Moving to another country at 19 by myself.

So I’ve always loved and enjoyed my freedom until I decided to make the worst mistake of my life- Au Pairing.

So here’s the deal,there’s a dream that’s sold to us, commonly sold as an “All American Lifestyle”. Well let me break the news to you,while on the plane to the United States I can remember my entire body yearning and aching to just get the hell off!, that mixed with a huge stir of emotions..some of which included, sadness,excitement,fear,independence and so forth. That all disappeared once my Host Kids-”My Kids” threw tantrums over and over again,back talk,hitting and all that jazz.

I remember crying almost every day and thinking is this really what my life has come to?. A cry a day definitely didn’t keep the depression away. I was terribly homesick and missed the familiarities I once knew. That plus I was “underage” according to the United States Law😒 I mean a girl couldn’t even get a drink!

So once I finally decided that I was officially unhappy and depressed there was a miracle in disguise that happened. I know this may sound crazy,but I ended up getting into a real bad car accident. This made me go straight into something called “rematch” now once you’re in rematch you have 2 weeks & some change and you still find no host family,you get your butt kicked right back home. Now many of you may think “Aah,I’d love to go home! She’s so stupid to not go home” but listen before you judge, this WAS NOT an option..see I was always this girl stuck in a small city wanting more from life than marrying my high school sweetheart and having 1000 babies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that,its just my opinion. Once I got my new family it was the complete polar opposite of my old one.

Don’t get me started on my new kids! I’ve had to find my own way around America and learn a lot of new things. This year has definitely been my first grown up year & guess what?!, I SURVIVED!!!!! If it wasn’t for my new friends,new family & my amazing boyfriend,I don’t think I would’ve made it.

To Be Continued …

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